Auction Date

Foreclosure Listing: 28 Ackerman Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Status: Auction date has passed and the property was not auctioned. Lien possibly resolved.

Judgment: $598,250.46 Docket #: Writ of Execution Date: 8/7/07
Bank Attorney:

Winning Bid: $0.00

Property Details:

Block: 169 Lot: 35 Qual: Prev Block: 83 Prev Lot: 371 Prev Qual:
Year Built: Square Feet: 0.0 Building Desc: Land Desc: 20075.3 SF Acreage: 0.4609 Addl Lots:
Class: 2 Style Taxes: $13,003.60 Updated: 1/8/01 Owner [not shown]
Sale Date 10/6/97 Sale Price: $621,966.00
(As of date of listing.)

Sale History

Date Price Buyer
10/6/97 $621,966.00 [not shown]
9/24/97 $202,988.00 [not shown]
(As of date of listing.)

Tax Assessment

Date Owner Land Improvemnts Total Exemptions Assessed Value
2008 [not shown] $276,100.00 $408,300.00 $684,400.00 0 $684,400.00
2007 [not shown] $276,100.00 $408,300.00 $684,400.00 0 $684,400.00
2006 [not shown] $276,100.00 $408,300.00 $684,400.00 0 $684,400.00
2005 [not shown] $276,100.00 $408,300.00 $684,400.00 0 $684,400.00
(As of date of listing.)

Member Comments for 28 Ackerman Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430.

rolling foreclosure
Left by Laurie on Jul 20, 2008 at 9:45:40 AM
Why does this house keep getting the foreclosure moved back and back? Every time I drive by that house there are workman there and they look like they just keep improving and improving the property. The cars are brand new and the work is being done by was supposed to be foreclosed in 7/11...that day they had lots of workman and seemed happily improving their little bit of heaven
Don't really know but...
Left by tom on Jul 22, 2008 at 5:39:37 PM
Not sure what's going on. You might be able to find out more since you're in the area. You can always try asking them if you see them walking your dog.

Might be that the homeowners are looking to improve the property to get more money out of it. The notice indicated that they were behind in their taxes at least 2 quarters at the time of the first notice as well as water and sewer. Possible the owner wasn't managing his money correctly or suffered some sort of setback. Might be temporary and is working to try and keep the house.

Maybe they're trying to work it out with the bank. It's possible they are trying to do the work to be able to assess the house higher to be able to refinance to pay the overdue amounts or to try and sell.

Based on the sales price and date and current judgment, it looks like they might have refinanced already in the past.

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