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If you are looking for information on a particular listing, please be aware that properties listed on this site are scheduled for foreclosure auction and this site does not represent the Sheriff, homeowner or creditor. Any information that is available is already on this site and we can not sell you any property on this site.

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How can I purchase a foreclosure?

Properties listed on this site are not necessarily for sale. They have been scheduled for a foreclosure auction and can be purchased at auction if the foreclosure is not resolved.

To find out more about purchasing foreclosures, please read this blog post on how to buy a house at auction.

Purchasing foreclosures can be risky and I recommend you try and read at least one book on buying foreclosures before you proceed.

Can you tell me more about a property?

This site only lists information on properties in the counties we cover that have been scheduled for foreclosure auction after a foreclosure judgement has been awarded.

This site does not represent the homeowner, Sheriff, or lender and can not help you purchase a property.

To learn about how to get more information on properties in foreclosure, I recommend you read one of the two books shown on this page. There is just too much to answer over email.